Experience VS Luxury

Tourism is in constant evolution. The further my grandmother had travelled at the age of 30 was the capital city of the county, some 50 km away and she did it by stagecoach!

Early tourists were happy to spend a few days out of work or in the nearest seaside resort. After a few generations this has totally change. Technological development, competition and economic growth have made possible for most people to travel. Having a holiday break anywhere in Europe has become the usual thing and flying overseas is happening more and more often.

That being said, the latest generation of tourists (relatively young, cosmopolitan, always connected) is looking for authentic experiences in the destinations they visit.

The experience is valued over luxury. In the words of the Branding Department of Hilton Worldwide: “They look informal, walking around the hotel in swimwear. They do not want four people around them, waiting for their handkerchief to fall to pick it up for them. But when they want a service they want a perfect one”.

Some examples of these experiences are: sleeping in a former prison, a medieval fortress, a cave or even underwater; eating the local specialties or drinking crafterd beer and home made wines; and being dressed up in the traditional costumes joining the locals in their festivals and celebrations.

Are you part of the new generation? Do you prefer experience or luxury?

In case you are interested, here you have a few agencies and resorts devoted to this kind of tourism:





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