Have you ever heard about them? The “chupinazos” (or txupinazos, cohetassos, etc.) are the pyrotechnic rockets launched as a sign to begin the parties in many cities, towns and villages in Spain. With the passing of the years the term “chupinazo” has moved to name the whole opening ceremony. In most cases during this ceremony takes place water and wine throwing, a gathering in the main squares and the reading of a short speech given by a representative from the city just before throwing the rocket and officialy starting the parties.

It is believed the “chupinazos” origin from Spain’s most famous one: for San Fermin in Pamplona. Until 1901 the begining of the parties was marked ringing all the bells in the city, but since that year a group of anonymous workers from the pyrotechnic factories started to throw rockets as well. A fewyears later this was made official. In 1931 Juan Echepare Aramendía (an important businessman from the city) turned it into a ceremony and ever since its importance grew as to influence all the neighbouring cities and spread this tradition all over the country.

If you are keen on visiting any Spanish “Fiestas” please do attend their “chupinazo”. There is nothing so authentic in Spain as bathing with wine while cheering, dancing and celebrating!


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