Love & tragedy

You may wonder how is it possible that a love story with a tragic end became a celebration. Just think for a moment that a whole city dresses up in medieval costumes and builds up tents (jaimas) and market posts everywhere. Why? Because Teruel (in the region of Aragon) becomes  a full scale scenario for the story/legend of the Lovers of Teruel (who you may consider are the Spanish Romeo and Juliet).

What is the story about? Very briefly: Diego (poor fella) falls in love with Isabel (only daughter of a rich nobleman). When Diego pretends to marry Isabel, her father tells diego he has to make a fortune. But where? Fighting the moors! He is given 5 years to return or Isabel will be betrothed to someone else. But calendars and travelling did not work very well those days, so when Diego returned just one day after those 5 years he found Isabel had just married another nobleman. He then asked her for a kiss but she refused him, causing him to die of love (a heart attack we would call it nowadays). During Diego’s burial Isabel approached his corpse and kissed him, just before falling dead in his arms (another heart attack!).

The story tells us that they were both buried together inside the church of St Peter in Teruel and a Mausoleum in their honour has been built nearby (the fact is that two mummies where found in 1555 with a document describing this story!!).

If you would like to know more, here you will find more information:


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