Once upon a time…


Once upon a time in a far far away land… Actually it is not that far, just around the corner! Here in Southern Europe, yes here! In Spain to be more precise! I never knew how to begin a story so here I am, trying to explain why I am typing right now… So, why did I decide to start writing a blog? Even more importantly, why did I name it “de fiestas”? Let me think about it…

Undeniably there is always a part of truth in any stereotype, and the close ties between Spanish people and fiestas are not an exemption. The fact is that there are so many different celebrations that I thought it could be great to write about them. You will surely be surprised seeing how many “Fiestas” are held during the year in any Spanish town: some being curious, some being odd, some being interesting but all being fun.

Let me tell you just a bit about them and you will definitely want to come along.


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